Finally! A Museum Worth Seeing… and protesting?


 I am so very excited to see that the AIG Creation Museum in Kentucky is finally open! 

Lobby of Creation MuseumHere you can see the lobby with beautiful dinosaur animatronics, and stunning landscaping.

The cost to build this museum seems large ($27 million) but hardly compares to the outrageous sums of money to build evolutionary monuments across the Western World.  For example, the operating budget for the Houston Museum of National Science is over $20 million on a yearly basis, and that is just to operate it.  I could not find the construction costs in the brief search I did.  But when you add in the costs of all the museums, the public school curriculum, the movies and educational films, the High Definition tv shows, you know we are talking Trillions of dollars just to brain-wash the general populice that there is no God, and they evolved from nothing. And that doesn’t count the legal battles fighting any scientists who disagree with the evolutionary view and try to begin teaching it in public places.

I can’t wait to visit the Kentucky Creation Museum someday soon and maybe chat with some of the protestors … yes, there are evolutionists that have actually been protesting the Creation Museum … it is absolutely pathetic to say the least.

The doors of the Museum opened for the first time at 10am on May 28th, and a group of protestors were there to try and scare off the 4000 visitors that went through that day. Oh vay!

Hopefully this video from YouTube will be online for awhile, but it gives an overview of the feelings behind the protest.

The comment of Lawrence K. on the stage that real science comes without any presuppositions, and just lets nature talk is hilarious as the exact opposite happens in the evolution world, or the lady that claims that believing the Bible about what it says in Genesis is a “perversion” of Christianity is another laughable comment.  And then there is the comment from Chuck Smalkowski that his real fear is that children are being brought in there and indoctrinated.  Do these people have any clue what they are saying?  Have they not considered the public science religion that is currently indoctrinating the children of our society to the exclusion of all other views.  They actually want no other view but an evoltuionary view to be taught period without opposition.  That underlying theme and bias is the exact reason why they are being unscientific in the highest. and why the Creation Museum must push on and grow.

The Dark Ages were marked by a dead church with religious leaders calling the shots, reading the scriptures in an unknown language and interpreting them for the common people.  All power was held in the hands of corrupt leadership, and God was far from it. Today’s science is much the same, those guys in the white coats use big words and convoluted theory and interpret it to the masses while collecting large doles of public money and shutting out the naysayers, and God is also far from it.

The problem is God does exist, and He did create the world, He even told us exactly how He did it, all creation testifies to it, and He will hold us accountable because of it.  Real science allows for that and looks at God’s creation for what it is, designed magnificence from the DNA strand to the vast Universe.

Our God is an Awesome God!

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