The Day Google Died!

Jan 31, 2007 at 9am CST I start up my computer and can’t reach my gmail.

hmmm this is strange, is my internet down …. nope I can login to

my router, renew my IP… try going to other sites, they come up fine.

What the? … lets try … nothing… lets try …. NOTHING … panic sets in….

ok I will try Lycos, oh wait thats not working either, it uses google! ok …. think Derek …. oh! lets try yahoo … ahh good search results are appearing, but wait a minute, I can’t click on them.

They use Google too, is this a terrorist attack?  What is happening?  Google, this is Google we’re talking about, it can’t go down, its servers must be redundant and all over the world. Its a staple of our society, a pillar on the internet I am even forced to use MSN search and it mentions nothing of the outage.

Is this a new type of terrorist attack to put the web-world into confusion?  Ahh this day is starting out strange I must say.

But praise be to the God Almighty who does not change like shifting shadows, but remains the same forever and amen.  Infact, I am going to look-up some verses on God online here to see more about Him…. oh wait a minute… Google is down!!!  ahhhh!

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