Quick Gather Round … its a Darwin Fish

darfish.gifThey found it!  A fish was discovered or atleast announced this week as being the missing-link between fish and land-based creatures.


The article makes several startling statements from scientists involved in the find.

“This is extremely significant, because while we have been amassing evidence for years on the link between fish and tetrapods [four-legged animals], there was still a gap,” said Hans Sues

The reason there was still a gap is because there were no “links” to be found.  Did you know that? It is interesting that the incredible lack is never mentioned and is denied until a possible “missing-link” is found.  Not too far down the road I predict again that this big discovery will turn out to have been stretched a bit.  Already the spin on the actual fossil is clear.

They are looking at a God-made creature’s incomplete fossil through Darwinian thick bottle glasses.  These aren’t just rose-colored, more of a muddy brown actually and did I mention they are thick?!?

” Tiktaalik is adapting,” Shubin said in a telephone interview. “It could stand on the water bottom in the shallows, or it could stand up in the mud flats. It’s a fish tetrapod or a ‘fishtopod.’ “

All of that insight came from this..

The creature was a fish — with scales, fins and gills — but it moved its head independently of its body, could drag itself along on land as today’s seals do, and may have walked, although the research team did not find fossil hindquarters to test that hypothesis.

hmmm, they just found the upper half of the fish.  Kinda reminds me of “Lucy” with the human knee joint found a mile away in different strata, or Nebraska man with the entire artistic rendition showing complete walking ape, with family and eating/hunting habits… the tooth that they created this fantasy out of was actually that of an extinct pig.

This to me is a much more convincing specimen:


Look, look at those feet, and fingers!

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