Let the games begin!

I may not be eloquent, I may not be brilliant, I may not be full of p and v, neither am I at the pinnacle of the faith-filled.  But if there is something that makes my blood pump hotter and faster, it is the outright pious absurdity of anti-Creator main stream Science taught in our schools, in our books, in our entertainment, in our news and in pretty much any trough that it can flow through to reach us.

Its not so much that it flows, with stinking regularity, it is that it flows with no opposing views and a team of ruthless Godophobic lawyers and media spin doctors to defend its sacred prime directive of a Godless reality.

This blog is here to try and open the windows a little so that fewer members of the public at large are drowned in the stale ether of the Evolutionary fraud.

Though much of this site will deal with the Creation vs. Evolution debate, it will also touch on other subjects that relate to us all on this Terrestrial ball and more specifically the North American mindset and the influence of the social media.

If you got something to say, write me, I may post it.

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