Devo Got it Right!

Though I listened directly to some Devo tunage like “Crack that Wip!” amongst others back in the day when Devo was cool, I also used to listen to Weird Al Yankovic heavily and repeatedly after I heard his rendition of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” (thought “Another One Rides the Bus” was hilarious!!)

He also used to make compilations that were a medley of different well-known songs in Polka format.  Polkas on 45 comes to mind.  I believe that is the one that had the Devo song I am referring to called “Jocko Homo” and my whole context for the song was Weird Al’s brief medley which contained these words,

“They tell us that, we lost our tails, evolving up from little snails, I say its all just wind and sails.  Are we not men? We are Devo! Are we not men? D-E-V-O”

And I thought, “yess! … are they allowed to say that in music?!? … cool atleast somebody is willing to risk their popularity to say that evolution is bunk!”

Now as I understand it, that song may not actually be saying that in the rest of lyrics, but in that first bit Devo got it right!  It is all just wind and sails!  Snales beget snales and that’s it!!

Someday, I am hoping for a paradigm shift in the way “acceptable” science thinks. In my view, any science that proclaims itself infallable and removes the concept of a Creator God from the realm of possibility, is flawed trilobite droppings from the get-go.  Why? Because there is a Creator God, and that changes everything.  Science must allow for this, and study the world from that perspective as well! To not do so and infact deny and disallow or vilify any God/Creator-based theories, studies, proofs, etc. is to make science a Cult in the highest.  All objectivity is lost!

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