Teaching God in School

An interesting publication is starting to make waves online and in social circles with an intriguingly different approach to the evolution vs creation debate. It suggests that Darwinian evolution is on its way out and that we need to get back to teaching God in School.

It is a book by Reality Research and Development Inc. titled, “So, Who IS This ‘GOD’ of Our Nations, And What Does He DO for Us?”.

Who is God

The premise of the book looks at 4 of the large Western nations that hold to a God of some sort that is recognized in their government foundation documents, in their monuments, history as well as legal institutions and yet is being ignored in history, science and any public school classes as if “He” was never there.  These countries are Australia, Canada, the UK and USA.

But its the second half of the book that goes into a whole different ballgame and a new angle on science that could gain some traction.

The beginning of the book looks at the history of God in these 4 countries, and the second half of the book looks at a scientific reason why this God (who is not the church) is visibly and clearly scene right now every second of every day in a new science called Atomic Biology.

God in School

A blog post on the Reality site titled God in School has this quote:

Darwin’s “evolution” is INCAPABLE of building babies and us! It does not have the supernatural intelligence, dexterity, speed, reliability, or care to do the phenomenal physical work of building and sustaining our cells and us.

It then goes on to list a growing pile of scientists and doctors that are choosing to dissent or disagree with Darwinian Evolution. Suggesting, that Atomic biology will bring a scientific reason to get God back into schools in History classes for the nations involved and in Science class.

A press release found on the main RealityRandD.com site states,

The basis for this Atomic Biology is described in his new book So Who IS This “GOD” of Our Nations, And What Does He DO for Us? Rogers and co-author Dr. Graham McLennan give unprecedented evidence that a supernatural force is necessary to build, sustain and maintain all life – including human beings.  With phenomenal scientific facts – such as the 4,900 quadrillion atoms per second that must be selected from our food and precisely assembled into our red blood cells to keep us alive, the book looks at atoms as building blocks in the hands of a skilled and intelligent Builder. “Don’t let the name Atomic Biology scare you,” Rogers said. “This is not rocket-science. In fact, some of these basics are already being taught to fifth-graders.” …

Carefully explaining that God is not the same as the church, Rogers skillfully explains how teaching about God’s Creation does nothing to blur the lines between Church and State.  And by teaching students about Atomic Biology, Rogers believes the social and scientific impact will be far reaching and long lasting. “This will introduce students to the Superior Being who  works so diligently for them, and cares so deeply for them; who does so much work every day for them, with no discretion. This is going to be helpful for numbers of young people, especially those who feel bullied or ignored or marginalized or unimportant,” Rogers said.

The book is available at Amazon and Kindle via the website