Ben Stein’s Movie defends creation-based science

You may or may not have heard, but Ben Stein the lawyer, writer, playwright, comedian has produced and launched a movie/documentary that is looking fantastic titled, “Expelled – No intelligence allowed.”    The famous teacher from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off , has pulled out a whammy that will wake up the Western World to the reality of the evolutionary science white tower suppression against more valid creationist theories and facts.

The truth of God’s creation cries out to us through every facet of nature and discovery, and yet those scientists, mathematicians, physicists, etc.  that postulate and believe in devine creation and intelligent design are being pressured, suppressed, ridiculed, excluded and fired from places that give them a voice. 

It seems that any entrenched oligarchy that feels threatened by a more valid and evident theory reacts swiftly to protect its existence and funding. This has been going on since the so called “Scopes Monkey-trials” that preported to kill the idea of an intelligent Designer, and which was bolstered largely by the media. Now it seems that the tide has come full- circle! The suppression has been coming from the evolution-side since the 60’s and now a law-trained media-type who believes in God is using a movie medium to kick the goads the other way!!

I for one am pumped, stoked, and so glad to see a little glimmer of light in what has been a dark time in science.  It is time for the clay to stop telling the Potter He doesn’t exist!