Noah’s Ark all over the World

One huge pet peeve of mine (to put it lightly) is the outright denial of the World-wide flood recorded in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible.  Everywhere I look, the evidence screams out that it happened from the polar ice caps, to the water recession lines on every continent, to the majority of the fossil record, to the oil and “natural resource” deposits, to the fish and clam fossils on mountain tops, to the Grand Canyon, to the countless fresh water lakes, to the mini grand canyon that formed in days at Mt. St. Helens.  The vast majority of geological and geographical spectacles all point to one huge deluge that occurred at some point in the Earth’s history.

But one of the most incredible witnesses to the flood, is the traditions and myth stories recorded and shared in civilizations all over the world throughout time since the time of the flood. Some of them bearing great resemblance to the Genesis story yet coming from cultures untouched by Hebrew influence.

Wikipedia lists some of these stories

but one of the more indepth sites is found here
Flood Myths and Legends Around the World

Similar to records of dragons and great monsterous creatures that man and tribes and heroic knights have fought, we have placed the flood stories into a meaningless mythology closet as if they were fairy tales.  But what if they are not. What if, instead, they were recordings of actual events shared through verbal and written means to remember and record history.  Some of the stories have been altered and changed through time, some lessened, and some magnified.

Since the flood is a real historical event that resulted in 8 people being saved from a global disaster, you would expect that the descendants of those 8 individuals would have heard and shared this earth changing event as they began to spread out across the globe.  And it is my point here today to say that they did.

There is so much more that can be said here about the Tower of Babel and similarities of technology and archealogy from civilizations worlds apart that support this simple analysis and the Biblical record, but I digress for the time-being.

(I wanted to insert a map I saw awhile back that locations and times of ark stories across the globe, but can’t find it.  If you do, write me!)

There is a philisophy that states that “the medium is the message”.  Well I believe that the world in itself proclaims the truth about God and testifies to the accuracy of His Word, His salvation, His story. The world, the creation is the message and testimony to us, and is our reference point for the reality of God the Creator.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, …. no wait don’t, smoking’s bad!